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Nothing to do

If you like boring cities, the Longview is the place to be. Aside from the fact that it rains constantly, and that in the summer it is either way too hot and dry or way too hot and humid. The housing sucks, and there a lit if bad neighborhoods. The only good neighborhoods is if you live on a hill or any mountain road
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LegitimacyPosted on Mar 09, 2017
Moving Out ASAP

My boyfriend and I recently moved to Longview from Pennsylvania for his job. We were really excited to move here, based on beautiful photos of the lake and cute historic downtown area. It seemed like a great fit. This place is a serious disappointment. We live right on the lake, in one of the nice neighborhoods in Longview, but because we're even remotely close to the bad area called the Highlands, we have a lot of crime. We've lived here officially for 8 weeks, and my boyfriend's bike was stolen, two men came onto my porch as I was sitting in the living room, and someone egged our brand new car. As for that cute historic downtown? The hours of the shops are mostly during working hours, 8-5, so getting to enjoy them is limited. The food is less than good, with the "best restaurant in town" being mediocre at best. (Their smoked meats are not actually smoked, people!) Shopping includes Ulta, Target, and Ross. Oh and to top it off, the town legitimately smells on some days. Apparently, the paper mills produce this stench like rotten eggs that is worse on some days than others. We both tried to have an open mind about this place, but 8 weeks, and I'm over it.
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Meals63Posted on Nov 11, 2016
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