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Logan, Utah: Near Perfection in Family Friendly Living

I lived in Logan, Utah as a child, and continue to visit my sister there regularly. Logan is a gorgeous city with a small town feel, and I absolutely loved growing up nestled in the mountains of Utah. Although many people have the expectation that living in a college town is for the young and single, in my experience this is a very family friendly area despite its proximity to Utah State University. As a small town with a significant religious population, Logan doesn't boast much in the way of shopping or nightlife, but there are a surprising amount of great, non-chain restaurants in the area. Sushi is my favorite food, and thankfully in recent years good sushi has finally found it's way into Logan. Of all the sushi restaurants in the area, Takara Sushi is by far the best. The fish is fresh, most of the staff is attentive and helpful, and I love the creativity of their specialty rolls. Whether I'm in the mood for something fresh like the Utah roll, or something deep fried and decadent like the Anger Management roll, I've always been blown away by the quality. If you prefer to be outdoors, Logan will never disappoint. For everyday entertainment, there are places like Merlin Olsen Central Park, where families can enjoy a playground and free swimming in the canal during the summer, or during the winter there is a brand new ice skating rink. Logan is also surrounded by trails perfect for mountain biking, hiking, or backpacking, many of which can be family friendly depending on your fitness level. I have hiked with my young children to the Wind Cave on several occasions, and there is nothing quite like the crisp mountain wind in your face while looking down on Logan Canyon. There are plenty of other caves, creeks, and canyons in the area, and I doubt I will ever run out of new places to explore on my visits. Overall, Logan is a fantastic area for families with beautiful mountain scenery, but the area may not be ideal for secular singles in search of a typical college town feeling.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 13, 2015
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