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Livermore, CA - A Pleasant Surprise

Most people look forward to their honeymoon above any weekend getaway. I suppose me and my fiancée were an exception to the rule. We were so stressed about planning the wedding - her more than me - that we decided to plan a trip to the San Francisco Bay area. Always wanting to take a different approach than the masses, we chose the city of Livermore instead of San Francisco itself. We had heard and read great things. It would also be a nice warm-up for our honeymoon to St. Lucia. We stayed in Livermore for three days. I was expecting moderate results yet hoping for the best, but both of us ended up being pleasantly surprised. The place that stood out the most in Livermore for us was Lake Del Valle. This was some of the beautiful scenery I had ever witnessed, and I've been to the Smoky and Rocky Mountains. This was nothing in comparison to elevation, but the pristine beauty combined with the meadow-like purity was truly amazing. Other neat sites were Morgan Territory Regional Park and the Lawrence Livermore National Library. Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to make it to any of the vineyards. However, we were able to get to two neat restaurants in the city. The Castle Rock Restaurant was built completely from local rocks. Neat décor and good food. We then went for Italian food at Campo di Bocce. We ate outdoors amongst vines and stone fireplaces. Very neat atmosphere and highly pleasing food. If you have never been to Livermore, it's highly recommended. It's a nice little hidden gem.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 03, 2010
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