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Great Town

Lisle is a great place for a family. I never hear about crime and it has a family feel to it. It is close to 2 different malls (yorktown and fox valley) and because it is so close to Naperville there is almost always something to do. There are plenty of restaurants and grocery stores in any direction, and shopping also. As far as the towns nightlife goes... there are a few bars but if your looking for clubs you'll have to either take a 45 min trip to Chicago or head to downtown Naperville. The cost of living is kind of high but where isn't it in Illinois? If you looking for a house you'll be looking to spend a min of 165,000 to 300,000 but there are plenty of apartments that rent for a 3 bedroom is between 1250-1500 a month. I love this town and would recommend it to anyone.
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MrfyfPosted on Sep 15, 2014
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