Riots of the 21st Century - Infographic

Riots in major cities often leave us with more questions than answers. Why does it happen? Where is the breaking point that pushes a peaceful demonstration into a violent uprising? What are the causes and consequences of rioting? Can it be predicted or prevented?

The misinformation that often accompanies rioting only makes these questions more difficult to answer. The rapid spread of information through social media can make prosecution and identification of offending parties easier, but can also intensify public debate and distort the truth. With rioting making more and more news across the United States, we decided to find some hard data on the subject. In this infographic, you'll find the crimes that characterize typical riots, the impact on lives and property, and the boiling point that turned each incident into a national headline.

You'll also find some of the factors that tend to lead to violent unrest -- unemployment, cost of living, and racial tension -- and see which cities may encounter violent uprisings in the near future.

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