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Hole in Idaho

I love Idaho. Best state in the union. Lewiston is a nice place to live, but it has some serious drawbacks. The #1 problem with Lewiston has to be the roads. A lot of reviews talk about the smell from the paper plant, and somedays, yes, it gets pungent. As with many things, you eventually get used to it. The roads, however, are an ongoing daily problem. First of all, there are no good roads in and out of the Lewiston area. All roads are single lane roads, many of them twisty, and all of them occupied by farmers, who have no business driving on pavement. Secondly, I've never seen a small city so devoted to causing traffic problems. Their city planners and engineers cannot draw a straight line to save their lives. Their major street doglegs from the bridge, goes through a school zone, and doglegs again. Truck drivers from SWIFT truck driving school plug up the roads and roundabout on the riverfront almost everyday, just before 8am when rush hour traffic is heaviest. And they are constantly detouring cars around road repair blocks. There is one road that bypasses old downtown, with it's ongoing road repairs and stoplights, takes you at 45mph to the extremely awkward on ramp to the bridge that crosses to Clarkston, WA, where the COSTCO and WalMart are. This would be a great bypass around traffic, if you manage to not get trapped on it when the freight train parks across the road near the intersection. Really it's a shame. The area has great potential, but they just can't seem to get their act together on the roadways and zoning. The only real attraction in the area are the rivers and the water sports that come with them. There are some jet boat races and river tours. The salmon and steelhead fishing are legendary. The community seems mostly depressed. I have no idea about the nightlife, there are always bars somewhere. There IS the Clearwater Casino, that does seem to get in some decent acts to visit the area. There are very few GOOD dining establishments. The shopping is scattered and limited. Lewiston has probably THE most depressing shopping mall I have ever seen. You have to drive 45-60 minutes north to Moscow/Pullman for a decent mall. Honestly, it's not surprising that the capitol was moved to Boise. I am staying in the area because I have a good retirement through work, and I really wish Lewiston could offer more and that I could give you a better review and recommend for the area, but aside from the rivers, the area is just stale.
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IDTech13Posted on May 17, 2017
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