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Leominster, MA City Review

The city of Leominster in Massachusetts is definitely an appealing place to a lot of people. After having lived there personally in the early 90's I can definitely attest to the local charm of the area. The city combines a small town atmosphere with a feel for the suburbs as Boston is only about an hour away. Possibly one of the examples of this small town charm would be in the fact that it is a running joke around the area considering the "new" city hall building, which actually opened in 1915! Although its been over twenty years since I was there, I definitely remember that the town was an interesting place to live. As a history enthusiast, I remember taking in the local history of the town and the fact that it had many notable early residents. Until I had moved there, I have to honestly say that I did not realize that John Chapman (better known as Johnny Appleseed) was an early local hero there. I stumbled upon the granite marker where Mr. Appleseed lived strictly by accident as I was driving around one Saturday afternoon. I went down "Johnny Appleseed Lane" strictly out of curiousity, and sure enough I was able to see the home of Johnny Appleseed! Another thing that gives the town a large degree of appeal would be in the large amount of farmer's markets located throughout the town in the summer. There are also any number of great festivals throughout the year. Although the town lacks the nightlife of neighboring Boston there is a "Ladies Night Out" event every August. They also feature a Kids' Day event in the downtown and there is a food truck festival around this time as well. My wife and I would often stroll the town square and shop at the local mom-and-pop stores on my days off.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 18, 2015
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