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Crooked police dept

The police here are very crooked and very much abuse their authority. They will pull you over and accuse you of things that you didn't even do, stick signs in front of your vehicle after you have already parked that state that you cannot park there just so that they can give you a ticket. It's a small town and not much happens. Since the police are so gung ho, there is very little crime, which is where the 1 star comes in. Do not move there if you are not Caucasian. There is some racism from the police as well and they will harass you. The 2nd star is the low cost housing.
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ndm1977Posted on Jun 09, 2017
Best of both worlds

I love living in Lemoyne, it really does offer the best of small town living but also access to downtown Harrisburg, tons of local shopping, every type of restaurant imaginable, and so much more, all within a few minutes drive of town. There are very clear and defined sections in Lemoyne. There is the south side of Market street, which has rows of connected homes and a few churches and some good antiquing. Then there is the north side of Market street, which is slightly more mid to upper mid class and then there is the section with the higher priced homes and the view of the river and Harrisburg skyline. It's a great town and I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. It's safe, it's quiet, it's lovely, and it's perfect for our family. We have a park directly behind our home and another one just two blocks away, there are many wooded areas, tree-lined streets, and it is safe for children to play. It is also a great town to live in if you have dogs as there are a lot of nice dog-walking areas and parks for the dogs to run around in. Negley park is a nice place to hang around, watch a local baseball game, have a family reunion, or just look at the view of the city. I prefer the park in the cooler months because in the summer it tends to get crowded with people from outside of the area and afterwards the litter is a bit of an eyesore, but otherwise I have no complaints.
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phoenixPosted on Nov 05, 2015
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