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This town blows.

I have lived here for 5 years. here are the pluses: sale of alcohol was legalized. and that is only within my 1st year here. After that only 2 restaurants opened with in 5 years along with a pawn shop. (not counting hodge's pharmacy, because that expanded). Now the NEGATIVES: Everyone here is uber-religious and it scares the ever living hell outta me (not to mention i am a gnostic atheist/secular humanist) and hardline fascist (i am a trotskyist myself). Even worse, you can't get any political jobs here (i'm a political science/russian major at South Alabama) and i have to commute on my way to classes twice a week. Safe to say, this town is only good if you like to regurgitate scripture and be a hunting backwoods bigot and be very complacent (because there is barely shit to do in this fuckhole of a town). so if you want to live here and you are secular; prepare for an disappointingly exceptional letdown (putting it politely)
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elasticfallofman86Posted on Mar 22, 2017
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