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Definitely a College Town

Lawrence is a great town for anyone who loves going out, watching sports games, shopping, or staying out late. There are plenty of bars around town who each have their own specials nights for $1 drinks, as well as restaurants to fill you up with your favorite entree or half price appetizer. I love walking down Massachusetts St with the family or on a date. It's a great place to shop or just visit with old friends. It doesn't have as many perks for families though, it's hard to find things to do with young children without encountering anyone whose drunk or using profanities. There in lies another problem. It is hard to find a babysitter when my husband and I would like to go out on a date. Overall it is a great town, not too big but plenty of things to do for singles or couples.
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MamaKing11Posted on Jan 10, 2013
Visit Lawrence, KS for Great Steaks, Basketball and Martinis!

In March of 2010 I visited Lawrence, Kansas for three days while on a business trip. Lawrence is the sixth largest city in Kansas and is the home of The University of Kansas. The city was abuzz with talk of a national basketball championship when I was there, and I was thrilled to be able to attend a Kansas basketball game with a client. The game was the highlight of my short trip! In addition to the great sports atmosphere, Lawrence has a variety of fantastic steakhouses. I had a wonderful dinner at Hereford Steakhouse, which is located in downtown Lawrence. Lawrence has a plethora of hotels from which to choose. I stayed at the Eldridge Hotel, where I dined at TEN Restaurant. If you are a martini lover, you must visit TEN because it has a 42 item martini list! Before leaving Lawrence on Sunday, I was able to make a quick stop at the Lawrence Antique Mall, where I purchased some gifts for my family. As illustrated by my positive rating below, I enjoyed my trip to Lawrence and would definitely return!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 27, 2010
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