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Unfriendly, horrible drivers, financially desperate conditions, middle class is upper class in Las Cruces.Customer service tactics in the dark ages, medical and dental facilities run on their own time. Expect at least a 25 minute wait at the very least.The little town that hasn't quite figured out how be in the mainstream or welcoming to newcomers.Don't waste your time or money.
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lascrustyPosted on Mar 28, 2016
Las Cruces, NM: A Gem To Remember

During a long road trip last year, I stopped in Las Cruces for two days. I had visited the city with my parents as a child and enjoyed it so much I had to stop again. Las Cruces is home to Casa Blanca Restaurant, one of the best memorable dining experiences I had as a kid, so I returned. The food is still as phenomenal as ever and the atmosphere is the true epitome of Soutwestern - intriguing and unique. The city of Las Cruces is a delightful mix of touristy excitement and a small town friendliness. With mountain and desert views, the city is beautiful year-round. Hiking an fishing are found in numerous areas outside the city limits. Residents and store owners seemed very personable, happy to talk to visitors and very proud of their town. They should rightly be proud of their city of residence with the beautiful homes and landscaping found everywhere. Crime rates are low in the city and so are the real estate rates today. Las Cruces is an excellent place for those who don't mind a strong summer heat; the heat in the summer is the only downfall.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 29, 2010
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