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What're about the wind in the area? What is the wind like and what are the worst months for it?
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JRBPosted on Apr 05, 2015


I don't know if you were still seeking an answer to your question since it has been a while since you posted it. If you do not live here and are asking about the wind, it is an issue that is worth considering when deciding to move here. From about March through May, we have considerable wind days. They usually occur early afternoon into late evening but can occur all day long too. During these days, you get used to: 1. Dirt everywhere on you if you are outdoors 2. Dirt all over your house, whether or not your doors are closed 3. Limited visibility during peak wind hours- On occasions, the interstate gets closed due to extreme danger of limited visibility 4. cancellation of outdoor events occasionally 5. Limited outdoor furniture like shade set ups; will get destroyed occasionally It is an unfortunate thing, but is expected. We are now on the other side of that and only now have to accommodate to the heat of summer. Today is approximately 98. We make do, and there are many positive aspects of Las Cruces, but if someone talks about wind being an issue here, don't underestimate it.
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bekah474Posted on Jun 15, 2015
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