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Who else has gotten caught by the Laramie speed trap? I did years ago. I didn't notice that during the small stretch of interstate in Laramie the speed limit had dropped from 65 MPH to 55 MPH. There were plenty of other spots on the interstate that were 75 MPH. Whether 65 MPH or 75 MPH before, I was going 65, so at or below the speed limit. It hadn't been 55 MPH in awhile. The officer pulled me over, I told her I didn't see the speed limit drop, and I got a ticket for 65 MPH in a 55. Just to make sure that it was a speed trap, I vigilantly looked for speed limit signs the rest of my trip across Wyoming (100's of miles). I went from Laramie on the east side of WY through the west side of WY into the next state and never saw it go below 65 MPH again, even going through construction zones and tunnels with speed limits at 65 MPH. Since then (and it's been years), I cannot be insured under my employer's van because that 1 moving violation means that it would jack up their insurance rate. I hope to never travel through Laramie again simply out of principle.
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adamgPosted on May 23, 2015
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