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Peaceful and Serene Nature

The thing I love most about living in Lake Ridge is the beautiful scenic environment. I really enjoy sitting by water at the Occoquan reservoir and watching the birds. Virginia is so wonderful during the fall with the color changing leaves turning red, yellow and brown. It is truly spectacular to see and highly recommended. The architecture has an old world classic feel that reminds me of the colonial times with most shops in town following the same design. I feel like I am in a classic movie or turn of the century play when I am walking the downtown district. The homes and buildings are mostly brick or stone and the moldings are detailed and ornate. The restaurants are also good. I highly recommend Sushi Bae in Dillingham Square, I eat there regularly and like their salmon nigiri. I also like Brittany's Restaurant, which is also in Dillingham Square and is a diner coffee shop. Overall I would recommend Lake ridge for family's or people looking for peaceful serene place. Very quiet and the community is wonderful. I sometimes wish there was more here to do but what we have is great.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Apr 23, 2018
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