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La Habra, CA - Close to the Beach

Southern California is a wonderful place to live. I was lucky enough to grow up in La Habra and spent many days going back and forth to the beach. We were about thirty miles away, but with traffic it often took a little longer to get there. It was our favorite thing to do during the summer and it was great because the sun was always shinning. Lots of people surf, but we just swam and spent time on the beach. Of course Los Angeles is close, but we really had no reason to go very often. Traffic was usually bad and most of the things we needed were available right in the area. The big favorite of course in our area was Disneyland. They often offered specials to locals and we spent a lot of time there. Knots Berry farm was also close and less expensive. It was a great place to go on Saturday nights. Overall, I am glad I got to spend some time as a child in this beautiful city. It is a great place to grow up.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 19, 2011
La Habra, CA - Warm Small City Feel

I have visited La Habra, CA several times in the past few years. It is a lovely city in the famous Orange County, one of the most beautiful counties in Southern California. The main reason for traveling there was to eat at a favorite restaurant, the Cat & The Custard Cup. It is definitely worth the 2-hour trek for the exquisite eclectic cuisine. The city itself seems to be friendly and incorporates both reflections of big-city Los Angeles and a small town. There are plenty of places to shop and enjoy less crowds than what is common in most other stores. It is definitely a great place to enjoy a quiet day. Plenty of pretty parks can be found also.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jan 03, 2011
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