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I fell in love with this city

This city became my second home. I moved from California 2 months ago. The local company Kent movers helped with the move https://bogdanmovers.com/kent-movers/ The city immediately became native. Beautiful nature, small shops, green parks. Friendly people. I can give myself more time than before. I made friends with my neighbor. She is very nice and sociable. We go for walks together
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tommas.rPosted on May 02, 2017
Hard working people

No clue what the other person was talking about. Emerald downs is NOT in kent. Its further south off the freeway. No nightlife. At all. The one mexican restaurant was probably owned by white people because they had crap burritos and salsa. Didn't give it more than 2 shots because I was over it. (Azteca I mean) Cotton flys around like no other. I could have made a few shirts by just going to the nearby curb. It has some hard working people because there is not much else to do. Its pretty close to seattle which is nice. But this is just my opinion
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SamsonstevePosted on Jun 01, 2015
Visit Kent, WA for Great Scenery and a Chance to Hit the Pick 4!

Last summer I had the pleasure of visiting the city of Kent, Washington for three days. I was working on a contract project in Seattle, which is about 18 miles north of Kent. I decided to make the twenty minute drive to Kent after hearing rave reviews about the scenery. I had also always wanted to visit Emerald Downs Race Track, which is located in the heart of Kent. On the first evening of my visit, I took advantage of a free outdoor concert sponsored by the city of Kent. The weather was perfect, as was my beautiful view of the mountains. After the concert, I had a late night dinner at Paolo's Restaurant. Their homemade pasta was divine and the service was excellent. The highlight of my trip was visiting Emerald Downs on Friday evening. As a native of Kentucky, I have always been a huge horseracing fan and had always wanted to visit Emerald Downs. Emerald Downs offered a great array of betting options, my favorite of which was the Pick 4. As illustrated by my positive review of Kent, Washington, the only thing that could have made my trip to Kent better is a winning Pick 4 ticket!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 27, 2010
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