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weakest town in the world

no jobs,nightlife sucks,and has a lot of crime for its size this is more of a place for people 60 and over now the cost of living aint too bad but not very much excitement in these parts I've been here for almost 20yrs and making a major change very soon and heading to arizona,vegas,cali,texas or new york city where there are more career and business opportunities. people here are reluctant to change and stuck in the early 1900s when times have drastically changed just in the last 5yrs alone!! there are a lot of hotels and restauraunts but thats about all they have here
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coolblkguyPosted on Apr 25, 2015
Jackson, TN - Southern Charm

My family spent a week in Jackson, TN in spring of 2010. I loved the southern charm that this city offers. There is plenty of small town feel and friendly people. It's proximity to the large city of Memphis puts nightlife about an hour away. Don't worry too much about Memphis. There is so much to do in Jackson, TN that families won't get bored. Local celebrities include the railroad engineer named Casey Jones. An entire museum is dedicated to his honor. It's a 'must see' stop. My kids really liked seeing all the train items that are on exhibit there. There are historic locations throughout the city that are perfect for families to enjoy. One that my family particularly liked is the Cypress Grove Nature Park. It has a lake, pond and 7,000 ft boardwalk. The Raptor Center there is home to birds that have been injured and can't be returned to the wild. The kids had a great time and admission is free. Family centered restaurants are plentiful in Jackson, TN. These range from brand names to fast food and mom and pop types of places. As you can tell, we can't wait to go back again.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 19, 2011
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