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Fairly safe larger town

Hooksett is a fairly safe larger town - at least in my part of town. I can walk my dog at dawn or dusk without fear of being attacked. Our location (meaning my residence) is great because we are only about 15-20 minutes from two cities, Concord - our State Capital, and Manchester. Unfortunately Hooksett is a funnel town where traffic from surrounding cities and towns funnel through. If there is an accident on one of our two main roads, it ties up the commuter at length. Accidents and screeching tires happen. People go way over the posted speed limit. Where once I was quite proud of Hooksett, its main road has become an eyesore over the years that I've resided here. Torn down buildings leaving rubble on the lots and boarded up businesses are becoming prevalent. I'm embarrassed for it. Especially now that a crew has been through Town to cut down trees without picking up the debris (tree trunks, brush, etc.) We have your typical big box stores, only in a smaller size. We also have chain restaurants though a few non-chain types that are pretty good are popping up. If you look up Hooksett on any website, Robie's, a historical variety store, most likely will show up. That's about as exciting as Hooksett gets. When leaving our local airport and see the sign "Welcome to New Hampshire," I wonder "Why would anyone want to come here?" Well, it is better than Mass, by far!
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Crazy4AZPosted on Jul 16, 2015
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