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We have lived here for 30 yrs.We have watched it grow, yes a lot of family have moved here, but then after they live here they get old.Then what do you do to help them.We need more houseing one level, low income . Like the apartments behind the Church of Christ.I know one reason we do not have that is no property tax's Yet we pay $50.00 wheel tax's for our cars, to fund the schools.Maybe if all the rich families paid their tax, then seniors would not have too.I have no kids in school. But I do have a car so you got me and all the old people that live here.We do not have an income of $80,-to $150.000 a year.We live from pay check to Pay check or should I say S.S. Check.We have high medical bills , we have high rent, we pay high taxes .Help seniors we need it.We also need public transportation. A bus , a train from Portland to Nashville .We are getting stores but the roadways are over crowded. HELP Us !
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Kay TatePosted on Feb 17, 2016
Like Lot in Sodom

There are those of us who refer to this dump as Helldersonville; this place is an overrated dump; for years (since 1980), the water dept. has been charging sewer rates to 153 Cranwill Drive, and there are no sewer lines on the property. It is a rundown rental house with trouble-making, "I can't handle life if the world isn't revolving around me" overgrown 3 year-olds, and the owners of this property know that there are no sewer lines, (they had to have the septic tank pumped because of the people who had owned the house before these imbeciles decided to buy it sight unseen) they are not fined and the joke of a mayor does nothing except accelerate the desperate greed and foolishness this place is known for; now there is a worthless moron who likes to sneak around in the dark and shoot animals (119 Cranwill Drive); if you don't like animals, get off of your lazy (another issue here, a lot of lazy people who have jobs and shouldn't) rump and move! You don't have ANY business being here if you can't handle that! I couldn't have any respect for this human garbage dump for all of the money in the world. It is definitely overrated; if you are pretentious, immature, and the Bible's definition of foolish, arrogant and stupid, then this is the place for you! Nobody wants to do their job, and they spend more time and energy making excuses to get out of moving their hands instead of their worthless mouths. There is NOTHING worthwhile here!
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StuckinaDumpPosted on May 15, 2014
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