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Nice attractions, mediocre family life

Hampton is a great place if you love nice dining, cool attractions, and the occasional live show, but I don't recommend starting a family here. The school district is mediocre at best and suffers, not from particularly low funding, but from its negative environment. Elementary and some middle schools (at least the new ones) are pretty ok, but the high schools really aren't where they're supposed to be. Your best bet is Kecoughtan, but even that one isn't where some of the other town's schools are. A family with little kids should be fine as long as they don't go to a bad middle school, but once they're high school age, a town in VA with a top-notch (or at least better) school district is preferable.
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bwhite013Posted on May 05, 2016
Hampton, VA - Fun by the Shore!

As a resident of Virginia I frequently find myself visiting the Hampton area. There are many attractions in Hampton and plenty of things to do, but overall the Hampton area is quite obviously a beach community and is best for those who enjoy a fun day out in the sun! I particularly enjoy the wide variety of restaurants in Hampton. Without a doubt the most common style of food you will find is seafood and the crab is outstanding! Hampton has several seafood buffets which provide a sensational food experience! There are also plenty of great hotels in Hampton which include national chains and smaller local resorts! I love the main city area which is filled with things such as classic boardwalk food, arcades and novelty shops! It's easy to spend a day just going from shop to shop or walking up and down gazing at everything on display! The nightlife is Hampton is very active and there are plenty of bars and nightclubs! The overall environment is very clean and fun and is the perfect place to visit for just about anyone! Families will enjoy the family oriented activities the city sponsors during the summer nights!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 07, 2010
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