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Full Of Fun Education

We have visited Gulfport a number of times & each time we visit, we find something new to experience. The Lynn Meadows Discovery center is designed for younger kids but is so much fun for the whole family. There are so many learning exhibits from Science to Cultural Exhibits. The beautiful beaches with piers that are great for stroll, watch all age groups fish, look out over the water & just enjoy the sun. The local shops & restaurants are fabulous as well. There are several fabulous museums, walking trails along the beaches, water parks, visitors center, the beautiful age old trees.
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SJArmyWifePosted on Jan 05, 2015
Gulfport, MS - My Home Away from Home

Living in Alabama, I am only a few hours away from sand, beaches, restaurants, and more. Gulf Shores in Alabama is closer, but my boyfriend and I wanted to try something new, but still somewhat similar. This time, we decided to go to Gulfport, MS, for a four day vacation this summer. During our stay in Gulfport we got to see the great sites, try new foods and they have a great casino in Buloxi which isn't very far away and always a good time. I got to walk on the pier and see the ocean and it was just like a dream, or scene from a movie. If you are active then the city of Gulfport is a great city for you. My boyfriend and I played all over the city, and had the best hamburgers at the Island View Casino Resort, they were expensive ($11!) but it was totally worth every penny! If you can get down to Gulfport in September then you will have a blast, summer is winding down, the kids are back in school, and only the adults have time to play then! The people are great in Gulfport and the city is clean, the only bad thing I can say is that some places are way too expensive. Unless you want to pay $3.00 for a coke, find a walmart and stash them in your car.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 04, 2010
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