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Off the beaten path

Lived there many years ago when it was called Grover City, small town atmosphere, not much to do there, we would go to Arroyo Grande for shopping. My Dad worked at the San Luis Obispo prison as a guard at the time, don't know how we ended up in Grover Beach, rent was cheap I guess. I went to Grover City Elementary school. I remember it being a very clean city. Not much racial diversity at the time, my family was the only biracial one in town. Pismo Beach was nearby and so was Avila Beach. Our church was very family oriented and we would go to the movie theatre and skating rink every weekend in Avila Beach. I would say that Grover Beach would be a nice place to raise a family. You would have to commute to work though. I remember the stars would blanket the sky in Grover Beach. Always wanted to take my kids there, never got around to it. My Dad transferred to Chino State Prison and back to the city we went.
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JanterryPosted on May 23, 2017
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