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An Overview of Living in Greenwood, IN

My grandparents lived in Greenwood after their retirement. I stayed with them for two years during my high school days. The main reason for my grandparents to move there was because of the beautiful communities in Greenwood for retirees. Compared to other cities in the USA, Greenwood offers affordable housing options with a vast range of properties to choose from. My grandparents were lucky to find a good house for their after retirement living. What I like about this city is the beautiful communities and serene setting that Greenwood offers. If you love peaceful settings, then you will enjoy staying here. The city is home to many assisted living communities as well. Many professionally trained caregivers offer services in these beautifully maintained communities in Greenwood, Indiana. While in Greenwood, I attended the Greenwood Community High school. There are two public school corporations in this city and each corporation offers wide choices of middle schools and elementary schools. The city is also served by four private schools. Cost of living in Greenwood is comparatively lower than the national average. However, the city's overall cost of living index is greater than the Indiana average. This index takes all types of costs into consideration, which includes grocery, transportation, healthcare, housing and utility costs. What I don't like about this city is its weather. Temperature in winter sometimes dips below the freezing point. Winter is always chilly and cold here. If you love shopping, then Greenwood has some great shopping hubs like the Greenwood Park Mall. This retail and commercial shopping hub boasts more than 140 stores with outlets of many trendy brands and a wide array of dining options. The onsite Regal Theater fulfills the need of family entertainment at the mall. Dining options at the mall includes some casual restaurants and several fast food joints too.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Apr 17, 2015
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