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Teen pregnancy, racism, bigotry all wrapped up in a one horse town!

If you are looking for an area where most of the residents share the same last name, have never seen the outside of Caldwell county, share one set of real teeth, and are mostly addicted to pain killers or meth, Granite Falls in the town for you! Although the teachers in the public schools do their best to provide a good education, it is difficult when a large majority of the students are heading to be third (or fourth) generation teen parents. The area has been decimated by the decline of local furniture manufacturing jobs and it's effects can be seen in the rampant property thefts and drug trafficking charges that spring up constantly in the little local news blotter. Anyone that speaks Spanish is instantly categorized as "that Mexican" whether they are from Cuba, Argentina or Spain, although it is quickly apparent that the people dishing out the negative terminology geared towards the Hispanic population would have the utmost difficulty in telling you on which continent the aforementioned countries were even on (and I'm not worried about them being insulted, because even though everyone here has a gun, and shoots them off on every holiday and any other random evening, I can tell by their vocabulary usage and the fact that they cannot use the proper tenses that their reading levels are hardly up to par enough to understand that this review is insulting). I would never recommend that anyone move here, certainly not if you are from another country or God forbid (or as they say here "Bless Your Heart") if you are anything but the whitest shade of white and a stout baptist because if not, you will not be welcome.
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buckeyebruiserPosted on Jan 04, 2014
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