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The Family Life

Moving to Grand Island, NE from FL wasn't something that I planned on, but the area is lovely, and I have seen the beauty that NE exhibits. This is a city where you can learn everyone's name, feeling like you're family no matter where you go in town. There are several restaurants to choose from, many that serve large portions of food. You can often enter a restaurant and get a steak, baked potato and a dessert without thinking twice about looking at a menu. There are other comfort foods served at restaurants as well, such as BBQ and ribs. One of the things I have noticed about this town is that there are quite a few museums. You can drive from one end of the county to the other and see what appears to be half a dozen museums or educational attractions. My favorite is the Stuhr Museum. There are buildings set up on the property to look like they are from the prairie times. You can enter the buildings, looking at the way they would have been decorated during the time period. There are also people dressed up who explain how they lived and worked. Another place I like to go is the Oasis Water Park. This is a fun attraction for families. Each time I visit, there are several children enjoying the sun and water. There is a splash pad for the younger children and a lazy river. You will also find a few swimming pools. One of the pools is for younger children who might not know how to swim well or who aren't big enough to swim with older children and adults.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 13, 2015
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