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More than meets the eye

Goldsboro, PA is locally known as Etters, PA. Both have the same zip code and Golosboro is typically referring to the small village where the post office is located. I have lived here for just over a year. Moved here from the Harrisburg suburbs. Frankly I like living here. People are nice. We have almost everything we need within a short distance including, food, shopping, gas, hotels, Walmart. It is very accessible by the interstate. I am the type of impulsive person who if I was something I want it now. Have 24 hour fast food, convenience store as well as Walmart within minutes is great. The schools here are very good about support students with special needs especially at the elementary level. Athletics and the arts are well funded and important in the schools. Honestly I can get pretty much anywhere I need to go on a daily basis within 20-25 minutes. This includes, Harrisburg, York, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Hershey. The only downfalls are traffic can be an issue. There is always road construction in the area but that is not new for PA. There is also a lack of variety of banks in the area.
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tinydancerkadPosted on Jan 01, 2015
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