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The New Germantown of Tennessee

I have lived in Germantown, Tennessee for many years now. It is a constant evolving and developing community with wonderful schools and job opportunities very close by. With few shopping centers and entertainment places around, there are plenty other local history attractions and famous parks open to the community. It holds precious history about the land and there are also famous local museums in the area as well! Lots of new housing developments are continuing to take place in Germantown, which helps the city look more improved and nicer for the residents. It also makes up for a lot of the construction and road work here. This also raises the price for rent and the development for newer homes. Although the crime is fairly low in this area and the weather can be pretty beautiful in the summer, Germantown is really close to lots of businesses and can be really bad during traffic hours. Overall, it is still changing for the better and more and more people continue to move here!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Apr 26, 2018
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