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Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains

Here there is something for everyone. For the kiddos there are hands on attractions, trolly rides, and a wonderful stroll downtown. It is the cutest little town right in the middle of the Smokies. Nearly every hotel you stay at has access to river-side rooms which is one of my favorites. You can follow the creek all the way to downtown and it just makes for a more peaceful walking (into downtown) experience. The locals here are kind and courteous. There are two little villages downtown that are the most adorable things: one town (called The Village) has soap shops, spiritual shops, souvineer shops, and heritage shops. The other village there is downtown has little shops much of the same that is in the Village along with others that are a must go to. THere is a fudge factory (actually a couple) in downtown, wine tasting (for those who have a nice weekend away from the kids). The Space Needle is perfect for couples as the scenery from the top is beautiful and serene. It is hard to get lost when you travel to downtown Gatlinburg as it is a small community; however, it is a must travel for everyone.
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rjaidiePosted on Oct 27, 2015
The Perfect City

I have been traveling every summer from Florida for 2 years now. The atmosphere is one of relaxation and enjoyment of the most precious thing we have, nature. The people are very friendly. They are always smiling, very courteous, and helpful. Every day seems to go by very slow, no rush, no problems, no people arguing about little things. They have this place where they give samples of moonshine, and, even though I don't drink, I love the smell in the air and they have shows with folk music and you can just sit on one of the rocking chairs they have for the public and enjoy the music. Gatlinburg is definitely a place that I do recommend for your future vacation, even if you have a child with special needs. My son is autistic and attracts a lot of attention, but people there don't stare at him. They look at him with understanding, even if they don't know what is wrong with him. I like that!!! I am looking forward for my next trip and possibly moving there in the future. I hope you can enjoy Gatlinburg as much as my family and I do. We love Gatlinburg!!!
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WallyPosted on Aug 09, 2012
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