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A- for weather - are you kidding me?!

This summer and last we had temps of close to 100 degrees with 100% humidity almost everyday! Last winter we experienced ice and snow and it was horrible because nobody knows how to drive in it here. We had so much rain this summer that everyones home experienced some flooding. You do get 72 once in awhile in the winter and usually its warmer then average but for the most part the weather is not A-! You're close to Nashville so if you like the city life then thats a plus. If you don't like driving in bad traffic to get to Nashville then you're kind of stuck in suburbia ville. Its very lush and green (which should tell you what kind of weather you get!) and the cost of living is very good. If you like the outdoors then look elsewhere. Other then gardening there is really not much to do. How many times can you see the Grand Ol Opry?
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kaublePosted on Dec 27, 2016
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