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I have been loving this great week. I have to pinch myself at times to remember that I'm really not that far north like Rhinelander, and Upper Michigan. The people are"bend over backwards friendly. " I was just looking for a few minutes to get the best way to find a good restaurant and I was assisted by a gentleman named Paul, and he told me which and why to go to the establishment. The place(River Rats)was a great time. The food was good and the rest of the people were very happy to help me with any questions. I have no problem offering the trip a5+rate. I also have to say that I will definitely be returning on Octoberfest.The celebration is being held this year on the last weekend of September. The only thing that I have is when are they going to return the original festivals of French Island? I am happy to report and review this wonderful little town.
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paulkr 1968Posted on Jul 23, 2014
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