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I Enjoyed Freeport New York, Maybe You Will Too..

Freeport, New York is a great place to live and I've personally had the opportunity to call it my home for over 10 years. It's nestled in a great location in Long Island that is an ideal distance from New York City that gives proper cushion away yet it's still quickly accessible. The neighborhood has a combination of a modern and historical look and the people are diverse. I've enjoyed many walks in Glacken Park or down Long Beach Avenue with refreshing air and beautiful scenery. The people are friendly and there is always something to do. Pricing and cost of living there is not bad compared to Manhattan; but Freeport is not a cheap place to live. Freeport is a port community hence the name and it has many water activities and features for those who enjoy the sea. Boat rides and mini cruises are typical leisure activities for those on the weekend. Sailing and fishing are a large part of the culture in Freeport. The city hosts some of the most delicious and fresh seafood , like my favorite eatery called Woodcleft Crabshack. The crime rate is relatively low and the economy is rather well compared to other places I have lived. When I stayed in Freeport, I was never without a job and I can't say that about other locations I've resided. There isn't too much negative I can say about Freeport. The taxes are rather high and rent can be a little steep depending on exactly where you live but for many; life here is worth it. The winters can get rather cold but in winter months, many locals congregate at the public ice rink to engage in cold snowy fun. I am glad that I have lived in Freeport New York and for the most part, I would recommend it to almost anybody as it is very diverse and welcoming.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 22, 2015
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