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Worse every year

I lived in Fredericksburg for 15 years. I moved last year after getting married and realizing I did not want to raise kids in that environment. I still really love and miss aspects of Fredericksburg such as historic downtown, the many restaurants and bars, and great friends I've made over the years. This town is for DC commuters now. It's too small for the amount of houses and apartments they are trying to pack in. Even living in the surrounding counties became a nightmare. Traffic seems to double every year. If you get a nice government job working in Quantico you can get there in twenty minutes in the morning but your average commute time coming home on I95 would be two hours. Expect up to six hours if there's been any type of accident. Even if you take the train you come home to most major roads in town at a stand still in the evenings, lunchtime, and weekends. Crime and drugs are rising. My mother's house has had damage a couple times from groups that loiter in the communities at night. Cars are frequently broken into in any part of town. There have been many arrests for heroin in the past year or two. If you have the great misfortune of living or working on route 17, good luck. The town will need to repair their major bridges as soon as they can afford to and when they do it will shut down everything.
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BluemerlesPosted on Feb 26, 2015
Area Horrible

Every time I leave this area for pleasure or business and return (I have lived here 12 years) I realize how much this town and surrounding counties are horrible for so many reasons. If I can get this review to post, I will follow up with specifics. DO NOT be fooled by livability scores as they are skewed by surrounding counties (which are worse) that carry the mailing address of Fredericksburg. The city proper is only 11 sq. miles. Cannot wait to get my family the heck outta here. Not a good place long term for families or singles. Enough said.
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VaNativePosted on Jul 27, 2014
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