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Foresthill living is like living in a dog pound

Buying property was a horrendous investment. If you like living on a big dog pound with 24/7 barking dogs, this is the place for you. Don't be fooled by real estate agents that pay home owners to keep their dogs quiet so you buy. Unless you have an adjustable hearing aid or truly love the sound of a constant woof woof, stay clear. This COULD be a lovely place. Tall pines, deer, turkey, fresh air. All destroyed by a lack of peace. Don't think about opening your windows on a beautiful spring day or cool summer night. Living here is like living in purgatory surrounded by yapping dogs and ignorant owners who make no attempt to control their pets. Many of these so called pets are left outside to bark at will. When one dog barks, it often starts a chain reaction and echoes all over the hill. Some dogs bark incessantly and I often lay in bed and wonder why they don't get a sore throat or pray they just drop dead from exhaustion. Forget trying to contact the lazy ignorant animal control officers who scoff at any complaints and act like citizens who report a barking dog are whiny or intolerant. We love pets and animals but prefer not living in a big noisy dog pound with a bunch of rude owners. Go live in Auburn or Colfax. Save yourself and your peace of mind.
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CathyDeePosted on Nov 23, 2015
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