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Born and Raised Here

Okay, where do I start?Fontana is a very up and coming town that is in the middle of everything. It can be a little boring sometimes, but the good news is that we are within reasonable driving distance from three different major cities. We've got L.A. an hour away, San Diego two hours away and Las Vegas about three and a half hours away. So if we want to get out of town for a weekend to party, we've got those three cities to choose from. We've also got the pristine Orange County beaches a little over an hour away for those very dry and arid hot summer days. Fontana is a haven for the shopaholics. We've got five strip malls all within 30 mins and under driving distance, the two more popular Ontario Mills mall in Ontario and the trendy Victoria Gardens mall in Rancho Cucamonga as well as the Carousel Mall in San Bernardino, Montclair Plaza in Montclair and the Tyler Mall in Riverside. We're also close to many colleges, but not necessarily a college town. Upland, San Bernardino and Riverside are worth checking out if you're looking for good colleges as well as the Chaffey College's main campus in Rancho Cucamonga. Ontario is a great place if you're just looking for a private trade school. It's got dozens and dozens of them. Notice how I have yet to talk about anything within Fontana's city limits yet? Yeah, that's because there isn't really much going on in the city of Fontana itself. It's the area all around the city and the amenities close by that are everything. Fontana has some really bad areas so I recommend sticking to the 92337 and 92336 zip codes, the safer and much more desirable areas of Fontana. Living in most of the neighborhoods within the 92335 zip code is just looking for trouble, believe me.As for the cost of living in Fontana...It used to be much more affordable but since the town is developing and growing, the cost of living here is also going up every year. If I'm not mistaken, your typical two story 4 bedroom/3 bathroom house will cost you about an average of $400,000 now. That may be pretty pricey, that might not be. It all depends on your budget, but please take into consideration the cost will keep getting higher and higher at an alarming rate so if you are considering moving here, don't think too much about it. It will be a lot easier to get settled here before it becomes just as expensive as L.A. Even the rents have gone up quite a bit lately and it's pretty ridiculous how much you could end up paying for a studio when we're not even that close to L.A.
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deadmoonPosted on May 04, 2016
Fontana, CA - Live, Work and Play

Fontana, CA has been my home for the last 12 years. I live, work and play in Fontana because despite being a smaller city, it is definitely packed with things to do, see and enjoy. In the last couple of years, Fontana has seen tremendous growth which has added to the quality of life that the city offers its residents. We have many public parks like the newest addition located in North Fontana which boasts a water park with various pools and water rides, as well as a skate park and basketball courts. The many recreational centers located all over Fontana offer classes and activities ranging from Salsa dancing to cooking classes. Fontana is also ideally located just a short drive from several amazing shopping experiences like the indoor Ontario Mills Mall or the outdoor shopping attraction that is Victoria Gardens. For a little more excitement I recommend checking out the speedway, during any given race don't be surprised to find a crowd cheering on their favorite driver. If ever in the Inland Empire or anywhere close, make sure to stop by and visit Fontana, a city I love to live in, and one you will surely want to return to.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on May 31, 2010
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