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West Central Minnesota: Family, Lakes, and Snow

I lived in Fergus Falls, Minnesota for 16 years. This small town is located in West Central Minnesota, just 25 miles from the border of North Dakota and 175 miles from Minneapolis. Fergus Falls is a quaint, beautiful town surrounded by farm land, trees and over 1000 lakes within Ottertail County limits. This is a wonderful place to raise a family with great schools, safe neighborhoods, and friendly people. The cost of living is extremely low in comparison to Minneapolis or a more metropolitan city. So, a nice home and a great life can be created here without a huge paycheck. The community of people strongly supports the local high school, and virtually everyone goes to the home football and basketball games. Although this is a great place for a family, it would be difficult to relocate to this area after college, without an established family. Fergus Falls is consumed with families in the local schools and parents who work in the local hospital, school, or businesses. It is too far away from Minneapolis or other larger cities to commute. It is run by the residents living in the community and does not attract many young singles. There is a local community college, which is great for a stepping-stone to a bigger college in either Fargo, ND or Minneapolis, MN. Fergus is about 3.5 hours from the airport and an hour away from an established mall, so anyone living there would have to be comfortable leading a slower, simpler life. Fergus Falls has a plethora of recreational activities to choose from with all of the surrounding lakes and river. Just like other Minnesotans, people here take advantage of the summers and spend every moment of sunshine at the lake and on the water. With such a long winter, people in this part of Minnesota do not keep them from having fun. Even on the coldest days, you will see people snowmobiling, sledding, ice skating, and ice fishing. You will also see people driving their large trucks into the middle of the lake to set up their fish house. These "fish houses" have everything you would need, including beds, food, beer, and even heat. People stay out there for days drinking with their friends and fishing.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Sep 20, 2012
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