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Safe littlle city but too much development

I grew up in this little city just outside Washington DC and have lived here most of my life. It is a very transient area. It is very safe and known for its quality schools but as far as I am concerned it is much too expensive for the middle class and there is an awful lot of development going on which is ruining the small town feel it once had, causing horrible traffic during the rush hour. 'Rush hour' in this area lasts about 3 hours or more. Most of the people that live here are white, upper middle class, well educated and making over 6 figure incomes. Two-thirds vote Democrat. All of the new homes being built are well over 1 million dollars. I would not rate the weather a 'B'. As the rest of the mid-Atlantic, the summers are brutally humid and too hot. The spring amd fall are nice, with cold weather and occasionaly freezing rain in winter. The amount of snow we get varies. Northern Virginians do not consider themselves southerners, and you will not get the feeling you are living in the south.
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suprePosted on Feb 22, 2015
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