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Nearly perfect

I'm lucky to be living here in Fallbrook with my boyfriend and our 2 weimaraners. It's a small, charming little town, somewhat cut off from the rest of San Diego county. As the saying goes, "you don't arrive in Fallbrook by accident." However, the most painfully inconvenient feature of this town is the fact that almost all of Fallbrook lacks sidewalks! Walking my dogs is non negotiable for me, especially the 6 month old who is still in training. I walk through extremely narrow dirt footpaths next to the barely there shoulder of the road, and sometimes I have no choice but to walk on the road itself. I've fallen and tripped countless times from walking on the dirt and uneven ground. And at night when it's a new moon, I don't go for a walk at all. My walks have to take place in the daytime, as a matter of safety. There are also no street lamps, so think pitch black. I can't see where I'm putting my foot down and decided after the last time I went for a walk after dark that I really can't do this again because of how dangerous it is. This is the first town I've walked in and honestly been afraid of getting hit by a car. I am sure Fallbrook will continue to improve and develop. But for now it's a frustrating experience to have to walk my dogs like this. I don't know why incorporating sidewalks for the people of this town was overlooked. But I hope that changes soon.
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Sarahza19Posted on May 26, 2016
The Good, Bad and Ugly. Something for everyone.

Been here since 1999 and overall I like it. It has a small country town feel and not too much crowding. The traffic for the Camp Pendleton workers tend to keep Mission Ave busy at times. But its a trade off, since living behind the base and all of the undeveloped land gives you lots of views of hills and mountains. Its gonna be a bit milder in temps here, about 10 degree's milder than Temecula area. The crime and undesirable gang bangers are here and pretty much everywhere in SoCal, but SDCo Sheriff is all over them here. Its overall a safe place, except around the low rent apartment areas. Lots of young new boot camp recruits. Fights, drinking, drugs, gang bangers. Stay away from these bad streets: Clemmens Ln, Alturas St., Aviation Rd, Ammunition Rd, the bario of South Vine St, and Old Stage Rd. Less trouble than other cities by far, but these streets are the worst of Fallbrook. If your a Fallbrook High School student you will experience the large gang banger types. Recommend home school or Temecula for alternatives. Seems to be a bad area for fires also. We have had 2 major fires since 1999. Last fire we had to evacuate the whole town for a week. It was bad. Great place to live if you got the money. But not so good if your living in an apartment.
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David BannermanPosted on Mar 22, 2014
Hell Of a town!

90% Of The people that live here are very mean and disrespectful to others wich is why their kids are most likely to be The same. That is why schools Here are a living hell for kids that get picked on and bullied . Worst town To raise a family. I almost forgot to mention how much crime goes on in this town . Its bad. I was bullied for 21 years in this Town So please dont make The same mistakes my Parents made when they Decided to stay and live here. Take it from me .... Ive been through Hell and Back .....And Im finally moving far away , though I will miss my Family.
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Brave OnePosted on Oct 15, 2012
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