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town of exeter

as a long time resident I h ave watched the phillips exeter acadamy destroy quality of life with the on going contruction, with the town fathers giving our roads away to pea. there are 5 road closures right now
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bruno2138Posted on Aug 06, 2017
Will always be home

I have lived in Exeter for 3/4 of my life. I went to all 12 years of school here and only left when I joined the military. I was quick to move my family back. Exeter is a small town in the seacoast area of NH. 15 mins to the beach, 1 hour to the mountains, less than 5 mins to many parks, trail, great shopping and historical locations. We are home to one of the top prep schools in the world Philips Exeter Academy and the public school has the top football program in the state and a newly built(2006) huge school building. The food in Exeter is great. We have a multitude of choices. With more diners than you can count, the top Chinese food and Mexican restaurants in the state voted by NH Magazine, and everything in between. We also have year round farmers markets and a great butcher shop for those who are looking for some fresh ingredients to cook at home. Lastly being only 15 mins for the beach and 30 mins from Maine, we have some of the cheapest lobsta' in the country!! The town town area is great with many different shops and restaurants to visit. Down town also gives you access to the Exeter river and Swasey Park which is great for walking or picnicking.
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Lunchbox1588Posted on Feb 02, 2013
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