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Euclid OH - Living In The Snow Belt Can Be So Appealing!

I have lived in Euclid OH all my life. While it is a small town that a lot of people have not heard of, I certainly enjoy the close proximity to Cleveland, but yet far away from the traffic. There is so much culture here, including the world famous Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and all within a quick drive. World renowned medical services are just around the corner at the Cleveland Clinic. The area is serviced by Amtrak and also the Cleveland airport. Being in the Snowbelt, we measure snow by the feet and not inches. Winter is a wonderful time, especially when the whole town closes down for a snow day. There should never be a reason to get board in this area, because there are far too many things to get into. If you are wondering where you should eat or if there is nightlife, you will be amazed. It is easy to find quality restaurants from Vietnamese to Japanese all within a short distance. There are ample night clubs and places to make life after the sun goes down rock. On the other side of the spectrum, if you are religious you will certainly be able to find a house of worship. There are 22 churches in the Euclid area. It is a great family oriented community that has activities for people of all ages. For those who enjoy the water, the beautiful Lake Erie is only a few seconds away. Enjoy a leisure boat ride or sit on the sandy beaches and fish. With a small population of only around 48,000 people, it is a place to raise a family and never worry about their well-being. It is the kind of town where people drive by and wave to their neighbor. Euclid is one of the greatest cities in Ohio and I am proud to call it my home.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Apr 23, 2012
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