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Still Getting Used To Enterprise

I moved to Enterprise, NV about two years ago. The reason for the move was because of a job transfer, and while the money is better, the city still isn't something I'm used to seeing on a daily basis. There are too many businesses, and the cost of living is a lot higher than what I would have imagined for a city of this size. However, there are some attractions, especially for children, that are second to none in the city. My home is currently a two-bedroom apartment, and while it does have a swimming pool and other amenities to make it comfortable, the rent is still about $900 a month. The crime rate is rather high for the area, but it's mostly the petty crimes like bicycle thefts and teenagers trying to find something to do on the weekends. The Las Vegas Speedway is a favorite place to go when NASCAR season starts, and there are some dirt track events that I have seen that are entertaining. If you like jazz, then the House of Blues is somewhere that you must go, but try to attend a show during the week as the weekends can get very crowded. There are probably more dinner shows in this area than I care to think about. It seems like every restaurant has some kind of show involved. I like hearing music while I eat, but there really should be a limit. Miniature golf is an activity that there is no trouble in finding as there are courses on almost every corner. Roller skating and playing in parks that have water fountains are also popular activities for families.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Feb 17, 2015
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