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Full of druggies and hicks and poor people who need a place to live

Small town outside Lebanon *itself a small "city"* in the Upper Valley (aka get over yourself nowhere).Full of real estate agents and landlords ready to happily separate the hated out of of towners from their cash/trust funds. Many poor people who can't afford to rent in Lebanon live in End of the World (Enfield) or far worse, Canaan. There are lots of backslapping friendly types here who will cut you down for a penny or rip you apart if you don't serve their purposes.The cops rule this town and will stop you for "no reason." (read the Valley News). Lots of druggies live in Enfield and if you rent, beware, as many landlords look the other way as long as they get their rent. If you own your own house and can ignore the above then Enfield is an okay to live but you have to drive elsewhere to do shopping.
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CeePosted on Apr 24, 2018
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