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12 reasons to Avoid Ellicott "City" MD

12. That's not a city. 11. The Folksy atmosphere is more conducive to rudeness than affability; in one visit, we were yelled at by a cyclist (who broke the law twice to tell us what he thought we were doing wrong), had one of our children PICKED UP by a stranger, and got a parking ticket at advertised "free" holiday parking). 10. Narrow streets. 9. "Quaint" streets more conducive to wrecks than a pleasant drive. 8. Not enough parking. 7. The "city" lies about parking being free, then collects hundreds of tickets during the Holiday season. 6. Cyclists act like they own the narrow streets. 5. Overpriced "merchants" on Main Street support the parking bait-and-switch. 4. Lots of hippie potheads on the street. 3. Unbelievably narrow sidewalks mean you must walk single file. 2. The B&O is better in Baltimore. 1. This whistle stop lost its importance a century ago. Boring, trite, and dangerously narrow streets pale in comparison to the rudeness of the locals, who feel compelled to create a small-town feel by being overly familiar with strangers. We were yelled at, approached repeatedly by complete strangers, and criticized while trying to park in the "city's" minimal parking. This whistle stop on the B&O is easily outdistanced by the Baltimore B&O museum. Totally forgettable, and avoidable. Skip it.
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SerenityPaxPosted on Dec 27, 2013
Ellicott City, MD - A Wonderful Community

I lived just a few miles from Ellicott City, Maryland for eight years. Finding it to be a charming town, full of history. There are interesting museums there, quaint antique shops downtown, and good little restaurants and gift shops. Visitors should plan on spending a day perusing the interesting shops, and enjoying the charming atmosphere of Historic Ellicott City. With fantastic museums like the B & O Railroad Museum, the Thomas Isaac Log Cabin, and the Old Enchanted Forest Amusement Park location, known today as Clark's Eliok Farm, there is something to interest everyone. But, there's not too much nightlife. Clark's Eliok Farm is fun for kids and adults. Many adults that grew up in the area have fond memories of the former Enchanted Forest Amusement Park. Opened in 1955, it closed and was sold in 1988, when the nearby farm started catering to tourists, featuring the former plaster characters from the original park. Kids today can enjoy climbing on the Old Woman Who Lived In a shoe's famous "shoe house." They can also see the other plaster figures, characters and homes from famous children's nursery rhymes. While there, everyone can enjoy the petting zoo, mini farm play area, the enchanted forest maze, hayrides and pony rides. At the Thomas Isaac log cabin, visitors will be entertained by people and artists wearing period costumes from when the cabin was built, around 1780, giving them an idea of early 1700's life. The B & O Railroad museum gives visitors a glimpse into the first railroad station in America. Ellicott City, MD is full of charm and history, and a fun place to visit.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jan 30, 2012
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