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Elizabeth, NJ - The Serious Side of NJ!

As a native of New Jersey I always find a special place in my heart for Jersey which is why the modesty of Elizabeth, NJ pains me. The city of Elizabeth is much more fit to be looked at as a governmental center than a tourist stop and has very little to offer for neither living or visiting! Elizabeth, NJ always has had a gloomy feel to met with governmental buildings and offices scattered throughout the town center and one of the larger immigration holding facilities in Elizabeth as well! The community really suffers from the lack of entertainment and crime rate. While Elizabeth is not particularly dangerous; car theft is a more common problem in Elizabeth. In fact, your vehicle is almost 10 times more likely to be stolen in Elizabeth than any other city. There are not many choices in good restaurants in Elizabeth and Nightlife is very bland due to the heavy governmental influence throughout Elizabeth. If your a fan of historical governmental sites or governmental sites in general you may find some enjoyment in visiting the many locations. Families will likely not find Elizabeth to be a good stop. Elizabeth does boast Jersey Gardens one of the largest Outlet malls in NJ which is a great stop but that is about it!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 01, 2010
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