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In 2011 I moved from Kansas City MO to Santa Fe to attend SFUAD. Luck brought me out to Eldorado where me and my dog have been living in a really nice house. It gets really dusty here so even if I park my car in the garage, it can get dirty. Eldorado's best feature is its 'greenbelts'. Large areas of land that you can walk for miles. I take my dog there and he runs without a leash. They also have a good dog park here. The vast majority of people around here have been really nice. I love the fact that my neighbor's house isn't crammed right beside mine. I have space to play my music loud if I want to. My dog can go bark outside and I don't have to worry that I'm going to piss off a neighbor. Its really safe here. I've been here 2 years and I don't lock my front doors. I am a bit bored though, I'm looking to go to a city with a larger population and more variety of things to do.
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Rezn8Posted on Jun 09, 2014
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