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El Monte, CA - A Little Island In The Middle Of Los Angeles

Nestled between two rivers in the Los Angeles area is El Monte, a truly unique city. I have traveled to the city of El Monte several times to eat at a restaurant called Little Malaysia. True to its name, the restaurant facility is fairly small, but the environment is great and the food is excellent and fresh every time, making the long trip worth every second. Bars and night clubs are also found in this area, but are average in quality and price. Because El Monte is situated near two rivers, the landscape is green and lavish. Residential areas are peaceful and pretty. A great destination for individuals, couples, families or groups is the El Monte Historical Museum. Featuring items from the pioneer era, this museum provides interesting exhibits and information of days past. Unlike many other museums in the greater Los Angeles area, this location is almost never crowded, making navigation through the building very easy. A disadvantage of living in El Monte is the grim employment industry and ever-growing foreclosure rates. Although the El Monte neighborhoods are fairly quiet and generally safe, moving to this city without secure employment is not advised. An airport is also nearby, creating unwanted noise frequently.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jun 03, 2010
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