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A Review of Edina, Minnesota

I visited Edina, Minnesota a couple of years ago to visit one of my family members. I noticed that Edina was a mid-sized city, far from being a metropolis, but was comprised had of a lot of interesting sits and activities available. I also noticed that Edina is close to a few major highways, so taking a brief detour into another town was pretty easy feat. During my visit my cousin and I visited one of the many churches that were there in Edina. Although we were visiting the church was very welcoming. We also went to Southdale shopping center. At Southdale there were a lot of popular stores there, such as Macy's, and even a little zoo located in the shopping center; which I thought was quite interesting. I would have liked to have gone out during the weekend but there were only a couple of local bars there and I do not really like the bar scene. There were tons of restaurants located in Edina, especially the traditional fast food restaurants but there were a few unique restaurants there as well. While I was there I ate at this seafood house called McCormick & Schmicks. I also tried a restaurant called Good Earth which catered more to people that like healthier low fat, organic foods. Out of the two my favorite restaurants was the Good Earth because the food was amazing and they donate a lot of their profits to charity. There are also a lot of parks in Edina and there are is an art center located there. I visited during the summer of 2010 so going for a nice walk or jog was pretty relaxing. I would definitely visit Edina, Minnesota again and experience more of the activities that are available. It is a great place to visit if you have family there.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Jul 27, 2012
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