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Enjoy a Getaway to East Orange, New Jersey!

In August of 2009, I visited East Orange, New Jersey to visit a client with Wells Fargo & Company. Wells Fargo is one of the largest employers in East Orange and my business contacts there had been trying to persuade me to visit East Orange for years! After I had completed two days of business meetings at Wells Fargo, my wife and two children flew up to East Orange to enjoy a long weekend with me. Other than the nuisance of the congested traffic that we encountered while we were there, my family and I had a wonderful stay in East Orange. As an avid golfer, my favorite part of the trip was playing 18 holes of golf at the East Orange Golf Course. The course was designed by Tom Bendelow, a famous Scottish architect, and was surprisingly challenging. The weather was perfect - 77 degrees and sunny! My wife and I capped off a great game of golf with some tasty Italian cuisine at "Johnny's on the Green" restaurant, which is conveniently located inside the clubhouse. My wife and I spent the next day in East Orange visiting the New Jersey Explorer Museum with our two young sons. The museum is designed to entertain and educate children, but I think my wife and I enjoyed it just as much as our sons did. The Time Traveler and Stargazer exhibits were incredible! We had another great dinner at Bloomfield Steak & Seafood. The cuisine was excellent, and we were pleased with the waiter's level of attentiveness to our children. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in East Orange and my wife and I hope that Wells Fargo schedules another meeting soon to give us an excuse to return!
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 04, 2010
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