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Worst Part of Cleveland Period.

I am specifically reviewing an apartment that my boyfriend and I were sent to for a viewing at 1885 Taylor rd. in East Cleveland. The person who was supposed to show us around never showed up but in the time that we waited, we didn't have to look around too much to see that the place was a COMPLETE dump. Whoever is collecting rent for this place should have a lawsuit against them and everyone in the complex should be thrown out. I am pretty sure that we witnessed a drug deal occur and a guy and a girl bragged about just having been smoking weed. The mail person is obviously too afraid to sort out the mail to the mail boxes and just left the entire mail bin full of mail in the entrance area. The mailboxes themselves were broken open and some of the doors looked forced open or beaten. There were holes in the floor and the place did not look secure at all. When people would come in and out of the door, the door would get stuck open so anyone could walk inside. That's what my boyfriend and I did as we waited almost 40 minutes for the woman to show up and show us around. I did not want to be standing outside in that neighborhood. The only reason I actually waited around so long is because I called again to let them know that we were there and they said they were on their way. They never came and I felt like it was a set-up. They were VERY unprofessional and I wish there was some other way to report them and the entire group of realtors in charge of the place. The neighborhood was even worse surrounding the area and I'm sure that some of the other apartments we passed were owned by the same people. We drove down Terrace rd and saw an entire abandoned apartment complex that looked like something out of a post apocalypse movie scene. There was raggedy furniture and giant piles of garbage everywhere surrounding the place and all of the windows were knocked out...If you have ever seen the Walking Dead, it would not be an exaggeration to say that this place looked worse than some of the places in that show. The street had crater-sized holes every 2 feet and it was horrible. I had no idea that anything this terrible existed in cleveland. Cleveland isnt the best city but I didn't know that it was this bad in some parts. You couldn't pay me to move anywhere near this area. It is completely disgusting and NEVER trust moving into an apartment owned by these people.
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Phila91Posted on Mar 05, 2017
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