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Why Delano, CA Wasn't Right For Our Family

I lived in Delano, CA for two years. I relocated from Nebraska to work in the rail yard in Bakersfield. We chose to rent a house in Delano so that I could carpool with my manager to work. My manager was living in a beautiful house near the Delano Mortuary. We rented a house in a nearby neighborhood, but learned that our neighborhood was not very nice. We lived off 13th Avenue by the Randolph Village Shopping Center and we didn't like living in Delano. The first thing we noticed about Delano when we moved there was how run down and dilapidated the houses and buildings looked. Another problem with Delano is that I never felt safe. There are two prisons and several drug treatment facilities located in Delano. We didn't find many family friendly activities when we were there. Delano doesn't have any museums, zoos, amusement parks, etc. so we found ourselves driving to other places and sitting in the car for hours anytime we wanted to have some family fun. There are several shopping centers in Delano so we were able to buy the things we needed, however I don't recommend visiting them after dark because in most areas safety is an issue. There is a large Hispanic and Asian community in Delano so we found many ethnic restaurants that we enjoyed. One of our favorite restaurants was and authentic Mexican restaurant called Mi Nayarit. When we found out we were moving to Delano, I was excited because I read that there are a lot of famous table wine vineyards there. Once we were living there, we learned that the vineyards in Delano are not like the vineyards in Napa Valley and they don't offer tasting rooms or areas where you can visit them. We moved out of Delano as soon as our lease was up.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Apr 17, 2015
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