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Davis, California - A College Town On The Move

Davis, California is a city with an excellent college offering cutting edge medical technology. UC Davis College is a cutting edge facility offering its students the chance to be the next rising star in the academic fields. The college specializes in a medical background and offers its services to residents. The many bike trails and people using bikes as a form of transportation makes this community a place to be if your passion is for being a "stay green conscious person". The city of Davis offers the nice effect of being a northern California community nestled between the huge city of Sacramento and in the other direction the Bay Area cities such as San Francisco, San Mateo or Oakland. Many residents commute to the bay area in an hour and a half for employment reasons. The Davis community is full of shops and curiosity stores. There is always something to be seen. If you seek nature the UC Davis Arboretum is fantastic and should be seen by all. The Arboretum offers great views of Redwoods, birds and many diverse types of water fowl. The Mondavi Center is another great place to see while visiting the city. The Mondavi center is a theater offering some top notch performers. The theatre brings audiences from far away. This theatre has a wonderful flair and can be a real treat to visit.
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AreaVibes ContributorPosted on Aug 11, 2010
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